Feminism and related idiocies are not the cause of the degeneration of the West. They are its products.

By now, we ought to be speaking of Western Civilization strictly in the past tense. It is an expired civilization. Whatever cultural activity we observe among its ruins is the activity of putrefaction.

Women take over when the men have perished or become impotent. This is what the “empowerment’ of women means, an indicator that the ripening of a culture has progressed to corruption.

The apocalypse isn’t in the future. It has already happened. Fantasies of future catastrophe (global warming, nuclear war, runaway artificial intelligence, alien or zombie invasion, etc.) are ways of avoiding the recognition that the catastrophe is already behind us, that we are living in a postapocalyptic world.

Western societies will continue to decompose while clinging to the fantasy that their decomposition is advancement. Their elites will continue to find in their flaunted stupidities proof of sophistication.”Diversity” and “inclusion” will continue to flourish. Nobody will notice that decomposition is indeed a process of inclusion, for that, ultimately, is what a surrender to entropy entails, the breakdown of all distinction and segregation and the merging of everything into formless fluid.