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I dismiss any and all statements prefixed by a declaration of “identity,”

When you tell me that you are speaking “as a woman” or “as a feminist” or as “as a gay man” or “as a person of color” or as a member of some other fashionable victim class, all you are revealing is the narcissistic conceit in which you are encased and which constitutes your mental prison. So what you’re telling me, effectively, is that you are a robotic bore with whom any attempt at conversation is a waste of time since you are only capable of ideological commonplaces. In addition, you are alerting me to the fact that your sole interest in any exchange is to browbeat your interlocutors with your assumed moral superiority.

The idea that identity grants intellectual authority (or, if it is the wrong identity, intellectual invalidation) is the grossest possible debasement of discourse. Yet it appears to be the currently dominant mode of academic discourse. Which means that a liberal education these days is an expensive way to learn how not to think.