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Hysteric phallophobia can equally express itself as either frigidity or “nymphomania.”

The hysteric, whose worldview is structured by the idea that she is a castrated man, is condemned to regard all contact with men as a potential violation. Most commonly, this results in a horror of anything that can be interpreted as sexual contact.

But hysteria can also prompt an attempted devaluation of the missing phallus via hypersexuality, which strips the phallus of symbolic meaning by repetitive and inconsequential consumption. (The feminist obsession with abortion is in this context to be understood as deriving from a need to deprive the phallus of both its semiotic and inseminating potency.)

However, in each case the result is the same: dissatisfaction. As long as a woman equates womanhood with a cosmic injustice, no satisfactory relationship with a man is possible.

This is why there is no cure for either hysteria or feminism, for what they express is not merely a chronic dissatisfaction but a will to dissatisfaction.