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The Marie Antoinette Effect

White liberals today resemble those spoiled French aristocrats who prior to the French revolution sponsored the intellectuals and philosophers whose ideas were shortly to be realized by the cutting off of the heads of their sponsors.

A ruling class that has enjoyed its privileges too long, at any rate too long to remember how these privileges were gained, begins to tire of its purposeless existence and long for some novelty to alleviate its boredom, some cause to endow it with moral purpose. Boredom and vacuousness encourage a flirtation with “dangerous” ideas¬† of “justice” and “equality” whose actual realization seems quite remote.

Then, one day, the mob storms the Bastille, and the reign of terror begins. This, typically, lasts for a relatively short period until a new order emerges along with a new ruling class, freshly endowed with the will to rule. The ideals of justice and equality are realized as new forms of injustice and inequality. Things change in order to remain the same.

Today’s white guilt is in reality the ultimate form of whiteness, the privilege of the privileged to disdain privilege. As with Don Ciccio in The Leopard, it is the peasants (the Deplorables) who steadfastly remain loyal to the old decrepit regime, only to suffer the contempt of both the waning ruling class and the new “progressive” replacement.

Opportunity always favors opportunists.