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What the effort to nullify the past (disparaged as patriarchy and embodied in the figure of the dead white male) achieves is the replacement of culture by fashion.

When fashion rules so does perversion because the flaunting of perversion is the quickest way to establish uncommonness. This should explain why contemporary elites, who unlike the aristocrats of old do not inherit their distinction but must perforce affect a simulation of it, are such eager enlistees in the war against reality that is “progressive” thought.

The ravages of devaluing and demonizing the past, however, extend further.

When the present is everything, one exists only in the moment and only to the degree that one can gain the attention of the moment. To fail to do so is existential nullification, a fate worse than death.

The terror of being overlooked by the present drives both social media “addiction” and acts of random mass violence. Underlying both phenomena is a desperate striving for the attention of a capricious, overpowering, monstrously present present from which no distance is possible. That is what the dismantling of patriarchy really means: total subjection to the obscene vagaries of the present and the powerful, without the slightest hope of redemption. In the bad, old patriarchal days, they used to call this condition hell, but we emancipated postmoderns are bereft of even the means to name it.


To support its self-regard, the elite needs to associate itself with whatever is uncommon. In the arts, for instance, the elite patronizes just those artists and designers whose work is inscrutable and even repugnant to everybody else. Thus the modern phenomenon of the avant-garde. But, elite snobbery expresses itself in moral as well as aesthetic taste.

Just as the elite patronizes the artistic avant-garde, it also supports what at any given moment pass for avant-garde attitudes, preferences, and lifestyles. The actual content of whatever ideas the elite embraces matters little because these ideas never serve the elite as anything more than fashion accessories. Outré ideas, ideologies, philosophies are easily embraced because easily discarded. The more perverse-seeming the idea, the greater its potential for displaying the elite’s extraordinary discernment. Thus, the same class of people who lauded Marcel Duchamp nominating a urinal to the status of art in 1917 today support a man nominating himself to be a woman and vice versa.

Progressivism has a longstanding association with snobbery, going at least as far back as the female-run salons of the 18th century that nurtured Enlightenment thought. In that particular instance, fashionable ideas did ultimately have unpleasant consequences for the silly blue bloods who entertained them, proving that the world is not entirely devoid of justice.


Guénon noted that decadence brings forth forms that embody what previous civilizations had wisely left unrealized. From this perspective, modernity is the time that brings to life every monstrosity, every abomination, every perversion, every weakness, every stupidity abhorrent to tradition.

We witness all the filth that was held back by the decencies of earlier civilizations come pouring out, a veritable shit storm. And the last vestige of civilization, the last trace of sacred tradition, sacrificed to incontinence.